Friday, January 21, 2011

Finest Little Cigar Made

My mom gave me this awesome, old cigar box from my Grandma. She doesn't know the history of it, but we think it was one of my Grandma's Father's cigar boxes. I'm dying to know the history of it, I'll have to find out.

I am SO excited to have this! Vintage graphic design, this box is one of those things that reassures me I'm in the right field if I'm drooling when I look at it :)

New painting: "Hope in Uncertainty"

This last weekend I heard of an art sale going on at USU. So I ran to the store, bought some canvases, and painted and painted and painted away! 3 days later, we set it up, and put it for sale the following day. End result: it didn't sale. But I did it, and I'm pretty happy about that.

Title: "Hope in Uncertainty"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

History of ID and Architecture: Recap

This class caught me completely off guard. Turned out to be my favorite art history class, and a real inspiring one. Our professor was very animated and passionate about the class, which makes a WORLD of difference. We learned from the beginning of architecture, back to Egypt where pharoahs ruled, tombs filled with extravagant gold and precious stones and memorabilia and furniture. The first shelves discovered in Skara Bra, Scotland. On to Greece, and Rome and their sculpture, their philosophy, their politics and religious beliefs and how that effected the furniture they filled their rooms with. The Roman Triumphant Arch, symbolism. How this branched from Italy to France, then to England. The movement of Architecture and how much of what we see today stems back to ancient Greece. Queen anne funiture, Chippendale. It was so interesting to see how much Religion and Politics effected the movement of furniture, interior design, and architecture. Pushing extremes from everything for God, to everything for the law and rulers (eg. King Henry VIII) and how it's bounced back and forth depending on who was in charge. Who would have thought politics and religion were the major factors in the course of Interior Design and Architecture?

We sketched a total of 40 sketches, in pen, of furniture, art, or architecture we discussed. Here's a bunch thrown together to show a bit of what we did.

Class rating: *****