Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hope the Holidays found you all well! I know mine did. Lots of food, family, friends, singing, painting, sleeping, all that good stuff!

My sisters were creative this year and made a lot of their gifts for their kids. Tawnya crocheted toys, made pajamas, even crocheted me a cowl. Rachelle and Sean made a giant barbie doll house, sewed up some nightgowns for their girls. I'm constantly surrounded my creative people...and I love it. I had Lane for Christmas. He recently moved to Indiana for Dental School, and has been begging me to paint a picture for his house! And since I had him this year for Christmas, I figured I may as well paint his present!

God bless, and Happy Holidays!

End of Semester: Painting Recap

Turned into a hectic semester! Accomplished quite a bit. Picked up an internship that consumed MUCH more of my time than expected. Made a few posters, programs, and other things for music events. Really loved that opportunity. My Brand Identity class had a huge project to brand Downtown Logan City: our client was the head of the Downtown Alliance. Our group did an amazing job, I'm really proud of the outcome. Painting class was great, learned a lot and now really want to paint more! Here's some pics...

Painting 1:cluster of paintings

Favorite: Shoes

My other favorite was the 2nd palette knife painting. It was supposed to be a self portrait. Mine looked like a man, so I went with it. Then my professor said it looked like a dead corpse you might see at that "Body World" exhibit! Lol. It was fitting, being done around Halloween.

Turns out, I love to paint. I'll be doing more in the future :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brand Identity Final Project: the MFA

Brand Identity Final Project: The MFA

Recap: Rebrand Downtown Logan.

We gave a 10 minute presentation, including a preface to our project and proposal, a video illustrating our proposal, and question and answer time. I'm really proud of our group. We even pulled an all-nighter at the school, working on this til 6 in the morning. Hard work but it all paid off. During our presentation, we handed this 'swag' to the judges:

Here's a really horrible copy of the video. Figured it was better than nothing. (turn down your speakers...) I don't have the original file, so I recorded it from a burned DVD playing on my laptop LOL. It's a school project, not a professional video. Awfully time consuming but that's just how it is in the creative world! :) It really sweet at 1:53. SO happy with how that turned out.