Friday, October 22, 2010


A couple paintings from class. We've done about 6 paintings now, I'll post them later :)

The painting on the left was to be predominantly cool colors. The painting on the right was to show a passage from warm colors to cool colors. They need finished, but our professor wants us to bust out lots of paintings without worrying too much about the details. Just get used to mixing color and throw it together on a canvas, basically.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brand ID: Abstract Mark

Design an abstract mark that visually portrays the core characteristics of a large conglomerate.

Client: "Provenance" a venture capital company.

I'll spare you the mission and positioning statement. If you would like me to post it, let me know and I will! But I will include how the company would like to be percieved==> powerful, supportive, innovative, precise, stealth, intelligent, measured risk-takers, and stable.



...critique: It matched the positioning statement. The logo needs smaller/ signature line bigger because the signature line disappears in reduction. Bob said to beware of black. "Black is the absence of color. It gives nothing back."


Brand ID: Word Mark

Group project time! We were to create our own unique software company, develop a mission and positioning statement, along with the name of the company. Then, individually, design it's logo.

My groupies: Tyler Godfrey, Greg Hunsaker, Kirt Larsen, Jeremy Wilkins, Laura Walker, Gabriel Anderson, Molly Critchfield. A total of eight. This made brainstorming and making a final decision a little chaotic, but we finally agreed.

Mission Statement
Gazelle is a comprehensive scheduler that efficiently plans the tasks and activities in your daily life at home or on the road. Gazelle incorporates work and pleasure through it's ability to adapt and personalize your schedule to accommodate your changing needs.

Positioning Statement
Gazelle is a unique software tool that accommodates your customized schedule minute by minute. We want to be perceived as a dynamic, quick, intimate, credible, fun, and trustworthy technology.



...critique: "God is in the details." My Professor, Bob (aka Robert Winward), is very critical in critiques. And the phrase "God is in the details" comes up often in our logo designs. Logos are made up of few lines, curves, planes, etc. So every line or curve we put down needs to serve a purpose, and every little detail counts. For my word mark, adding little tags on each of the letters, actually reconstructing some of the letterforms (due to a not-so-good free font I chose.) A huge help to the design was adding a curve on any pointed corner. Looking at it now, I feel there are still some slightly awkward moments in the design and it could use a bit more work..... Details!

PS. If you have any suggestions, on ANYthing, I'd love to hear them!!