Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two More Spreads

Continuing in Visual Image and Type Continuity, here are a couple spreads I've been working on. They are things I'd like to be percieved as. Please let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strings to Her Soul

For Type and Visual Imagery, we are creating a catalogue on..... ourselves! Not gonna lie, I was a bit freaked out getting this assignment. I mean, how am I supposed to make a catalogue of me? Can my life really be thrown into a book? I almost feel guilty, like this is a giant, glorified shrine I'm designing... of myself. LOL. But, I have had some fun with it, and am excited to see the outcome. Here's a spread I'm working on. It's not finished but I need to move on and get more things done before I spend more hours on this.

I'm liking this direction with type used. It's not done but the look and feel is feeling better:

First go, all hand written:

This spread is dedicated to music, with random words I think and feel when I play the guitar.

Getting Back into Digital Drawing

For Graphic Interface, we are creating a flash game. Quick timed 5 min sketch of something totally random. This kid isn't part of my game, but trying to get my brain flowing and more comfortable with digital drawing again. It's been awhile. Since I haven't posted for awhile, may as well post a doodle :)